Tradition Nyikul

🇩🇪 Ein Toter zerreißt viele Fäden im sozialen Netz der Familie. Am Tag der Beerdigung, am achten Tag und nach einem Jahr versammeln sich die mütterlichen und die väterlichen Seiten der Familie. — Der Film zeigt, wie nach einem Jahr das Leben in die Familie zurückkehrt.

🇫🇷  Par sa mort, un défunt déchire beaucoup de fils dans le tissu social de sa famille. Le jour de l’enterrement, le huitième jour et après un an, les côtés maternel et paternel de la famille se rassemblent. — Le film montre comment la vie retourne dans la famille.

Nyikul Tilène

🇬🇧 Every decease of a person endangers the social network of a family. Essential threads are cut off so that family members are left behind confused. By means of repeated funeral ceremonies (the day of the burial, the eighths day and after a year) numerous members of the extended family try to tie them together again in a new way.

The scenes in our film show the Joola way of healing the wounds and bridging the gap left by death. In a common effort the paternal and maternal families open up the way for life. Thus family connections have been strengthened once more by joining all forces of relationship. 

Funeral ceremonies are of fundamental importance in Joola life both in traditional environments and in modern city life of developing countries with its lack of public-welfare benefits.

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