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Biography of Gina d'Affiniam

Régina Maria Sambou better known as "Gina d'Affiniam" was born in Casamance, in Ziguinchor. She was swayed from her childhood by the traditional Joola melodies of her village of Affiniam. Every day she heard her mother Françoise Badji, an artist and chorister, sing. She often asks her mother for advice when she composes her songs. His father, Chief warrant officer Corentin Sambou, conducted the Senegalese National Army Orchestra.

After the birth of her first child, Gina d'Affiniam now lulls her son's ear. A modern mother, she unites in her daily life the life of a mother at home and that of an artist. Thus, she continues to record at Wodé Studio (Ziguinchor) her first album of fourteen tracks entitled "Saaful", "Je vous salue" in Joola language. The song "Ejanjangñ" is one of them and shows her ambition as a modern woman's singer: "Today, March 8, a day of joy for our women... We are present in all professions... Ji sen oli respect: show us respect! "Also listen to "Pass ul" (invitation to prayer in the face of drought) and "Jaal bu balo" (return home during the rainy season).

Gina d'Affiniam is coached by her manager Jean Gabin Coly who put her in contact with the showbiz world. Thus, in 2015, at the International Festival of Urban and Traditional Cultures (Zig'Fest), it shone with all its lights to the great satisfaction of the public. During this festival, she received strong encouragement from her peers: the famous Salif Keita, the sublime Baba Maal, the prodigious Dialyba Kouyaté, the star of Guinea Bissau Justino Delgado, the lovely Eneida Martha and the phenomenal rap group Daara j Family. 

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